invitation letter

Dear, old Mrs. Europe sleeps beheaded. Again. Overwhelmed with fears, shivering in her lovely, old mansion, a great and sudden malady surprised her in sleep. Being so old, scared of everything new and different, for ages she was finding comfort just hiding in her house. Ignoring heart arrhythmia she would just shove herself with any prescribed chemistry. As long as the sleep is deep and the head can function, everything was good enough. A great, sudden danger brought her in panic. As many times before, her brain ignored desperate calls for help of her heart.

And look at poor, old her now. There she is beheaded again. Her cold head lies apart from her warm heart. But tragedies and maladies come and go. And this one will, I am sure, soon be gone too. Once the danger is over, her head again magically molded back to her body, and once the warm kiss brings back warmth from her heart, in what world should she open her beautiful eyes? Can she finally find peace and balance, a sense of her whole body as one?